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Here's fresh sushi, with an irresistibly fresh twist:

feeding one orphan for each tray of sushi sold.


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“Anu Sushi has been a huge asset to my location. Both the guests and I love the quality, variety, and freshness of the product. On top of the amazing sushi they offer, their customer service is phenomenal as well. Above all, their mission is unmatched in comparison to other partnerships we have. Knowing that each sushi roll sold helps feed an orphan is such an inspirational thing. I am truly glad that we’ve made this partnership and I am certain that it will continue to thrive!” 


MiQuan Hobson 

Aramark Workplace Hospitality | Food Service Director 

Ford Motor 


"Anu Sushi provides fresh, handmade sushi that not only tastes great but also has a wonderful purpose behind every single piece that they make. The story behind Anu Sushi is heart-warming and my customers like that they are donating to children in Myanmar each time they purchase something from Anu. By delivering their sushi multiple times a week they are able to maintain flavor and freshness at its peak. As a busy Food Service Director, I am thankful that Anu takes the work off of my hands by monitoring how many we sell or return, what options are the most popular, and taking back any that were not sold before their expiration date. Anu has been an amazing partner and I look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Sarah Edwards, RDN 

Food Service Director/Registered Dietitian 

Creative Dining Services – LG Energy Solution 




California roll
Classic featuring imitation crab with fresh avocado and cucumber

Spicy shrimp roll
Delightful combo of imitation crab, avocado, and spicy sauce

Tempura shrimp roll
Crunchy tempura shrimp, creamy avocado, and cool cucumber


California roll + crunchy crab +fiery roll 

squid salad
Traditional Japanese squid salad, both nutritious and mouth-watering

Fiery roll
Freshly cut avocado, imitation crab, cucumber, spicy sauce

Crunchy crab roll
Imitation crab, fresh avocado, and cucumber. Spicy mayo and fried onions.

Veggie roll
Vegetarian? We've got you covered. Features avocado, carrot, and cucumber

chef signature
Daily new creations from our talented sushi chefs

Savory tofu pockets stuffed with sushi rice, topped with eel sauce

dragon salmon roll
Salmon, shrimp, avocado and cucumber

Spicy Tuna roll
Features imitation crab paired with spicy tuna.

seafood combo
Crab, avocado, tuna, salmon and cucumber

Vegetable gyoza
Potstickers filled with vegetables, with a dipping sauce

Pork gyoza
Japanese potstickers accompanied by a sweet chili dipping sauce

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