our opportunity

We are grateful to all our customers who love our sushi.  Our product is a testimony to our incredible workers.  In our hiring, we seek to provide a living wage and whenever possible we give priority to at-risk sections of the local community.  On a global basis, we want to do our small part to help care for and equip those who are most disadvantaged.  This unique social enterprise is possible because of our retail partners and our faithful customers.  


Anu Sushi works to help orphans in Myanmar, like these pictured below, have love and security. They don’t have to wonder where their next meal is coming from or if they’ll have shelter. And all you had to do was buy a tray of Anu Sushi.

Who knew giving back was so tasty?

“After Twe San Aung’s father passed away, his mother disappeared … He came to the children’s home when he was grade five. He is so humble and studies hard. His hobby is singing, and he loves music. His dream is to become a great singer.”

– Orphanage Director

“Thank you so much for your kind help. Because of you, we are so bold to help someone who is crying for help …
You have wiped away many tears.”


– Orphanage Pastor